Thursday, July 2, 2015

Riddlore? & Mad One present "The Claim"

"We Arrived"

    With a career that extends back to the mid 80s, the Rhymin' Riddlore has definitely carved out a place for himself in west coast hip-hop history. Along with his partner, NGAFSH Filet of Soul, Ridd is the creator of the CV beat, an unmistakably recognizable sound revered by Good Life/Project Blowed fans worldwide.

    In recent years, however, Riddlore has been expanding his sound. His recent instrumental album Theme Music from Life in Chillz Ville took the CV beat to a more lush, cinematic place. His recent collaboration with Texas rapper Mad One, The Claim, sees the Good Life O.G. travelling even further off the beaten path, adopting an east coast boom bap sound which plays like a tribute to the 90s. The epic opener "Time Capsoul" sets the tone for the rest of the album and the production is solid throughout.

    As with any Riddlore album, the lyrics are top notch. Underneath his complex rhyme patterns is a message that is simple and eloquent. Mad One turns in a very tight performance as well, sounding like a forgotten 90s veteran who has continued honing his craft, trends and fads be damned. But while the vocals are tight, it's the production that really makes this album special. The beats are entirely handled by Ridd aside from two assists from Chris Cooley and Cenergy, both of which blend seamlessly into the rest of the program. Cenergy's contribution, a Riddlore solo track entitled "Give Em the Blues" is a standout with an ethereal, atmospheric track reminiscent of Pete Rock or Lord Finesse.

   Any fans of the Good Life movement who have lost touch with the multitude of Blowed releases in recent years should check this one out. It's a unique album from one of the west coast's most innovative artists and shouldn't be slept on! It can be purchased directly from Ridd on Facebook, on Accesshiphop, and on iTunes, as well as other digital outlets.


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