Thursday, January 22, 2015

Straight Bangin'

Hella Oldschool - Think Happy Thoughts

Thanks again go out to the homeboy Cody, who sent me this tape, with the intent to have it posted.  I had never heard this before I received the tape in the mail, and I have to admit I was seriously missing out.  Totally out of left field.  Let's get one thing clear, this isn't a beat tape.  This is a fully-realized instrumental head trip of a record.  They are complete works unto themselves, and they don't invite you to freestyle over the top of them.  And although it's only six tracks long, it's a full album's length.  Songs stretch out, slow, and raw.  Percussive rhythms move in and out of the mix, taking the forefront, then disappear to let lonely samples become the focus. Murky bass lines poke out here and there.  These compositions suck you in, slow your head nod to a standstill, and instead spark inward movement.  This is music to stare at your shoes to, or to contemplate your navel with.  This is music for turning inward.  
Anacron is no slouch on the mic, and I'm not well-versed in everything he's done, but I have to say this is my favorite work I've had the pleasure of hearing from him.  Listen!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Delon Deville's Nightmares

Hella Freeze
 Props to The Homie Alex for the following post:

 Nightmares is the latest offering from San Diego veteran Delon Deville, and Nightmares is an appropriate title. The production and sung hooks are surreal and dreamlike. The smooth vibes are deceptive though, as the dark subject matter found in Deville's lyrics stand in contrast, describing hard times, broken relationships and cold realities. "The EP is laid back and features some of my earlier work, right after I finished my last album, Parafenelia," describes Deville. "I decided to release it while I'm working on my new LP, Internet Suicyde." And this EP acts as the missing link between the two albums, combining the stripped down, funky sound of Parafenelia with the soulful and psychedelic styles which will be further explored on Internet Suicyde.

 The EP opens with the defiant "Hella Freeze", which finds Deville reflecting on his past hardships and looking toward the future. The stand out track "Ego" warns against those who only hope to see you fail. “Agenda with Wings” elaborates on this theme while providing a more uplifting and hopeful message. Tracks like "Cold as Iceee" and "Get Up and Get Out" describe Deville's failed attempts at finding love. The former’s soulful and ghostly production epitomizes the tone of the EP. Fans of Parafenelia will be happy to hear Deville’s brother, Nelly Nel, return to bless two tracks. The EP closes with a pair of instrumentals, stripping away the vocals to let the production take center stage. Nightmares is yet another chapter in the Delon Deville story and shouldn't be ignored. Don't sleep!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Referencia Vol.1

Hazardo & Rasputini Apresentam

Bobby Gibson, brother of Existereo and Innaspace, made this dope graffiti documentary whilst living in Europe 10 years or so ago.  Featuring a wealth of great footage from Portuguese graf writers, and a great soundtrack of European hip hop, this was unseen on my radar until the the man Dylan hyped me to it.  Seriously, give it a watch.  This is shit you never knew.  Major shouts to Hazard for making such a unique and crucial testament to the art.   

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Chronic Epidemic

Ease Back

Massive thanks going out to Cody, who sent me a phat collection of underground tapes recently, this being one of them...
1998 was the year.  Zion I always had a unique style; they had those DnB rhythms and that slick, slithery flow.  It was evident even on this early tape.  It's great to hear all that slickness coming through the scratchy, hissy noise you get from a tape, it roughens it all up nicely.  8 proper tracks long, with an intro and a shout out as well.