Sunday, September 7, 2014

Several Active Minds - Shogun Craftsman

Several Active Minds - Brothers Of The Grass

This is the real shit.  Several Active Minds are a long-standing Seattle graf/rap crew that have that raw vibe that I love - impassioned voices, dusty loops, and the power to focus that wild energy that comes from any group effort into a finished, singular product.  That singular product, I might add, also has another raw vibe that I love - the feeling that this is something new, something fresh, something uncut.  And really, that's what it is.  They may reference elements of BDP, Public Enemy and X-Clan, and borrow aesthetics pioneered by the Wu, but the SAMsquad do things only they can do, and speak in a way to make you listen.
This isn't really boogie-woogie music; it's designed to be listened to, consciously.  Specs One shows up, so that should tip you off somewhat.  Headphones, no outside stimulus.   It's challenging and it doesn't pull its punches, and that's how art should be, right?

Dume 41 has stated that there is a new album in the works, and there are earlier recordings in the vaults - hopefully this all comes to light soon.  This is truly important music.