Saturday, April 5, 2014

Black Stax At The Triple Door

Vanguard Music

Silas Blak, Jace Ecaj, and Felicia Loud, collectively known as Black Stax, are true hip hop veterans.  All have been active in Seattle hip hop since at least the early '90s, and at 20+ years on they continue to produce prolific and fresh music.  This document may be one of their highest points, both collectively or singularly - a dope high energy live set from last year, with a full backing band.  Where their studio efforts have been mostly reigned in, controlled, stark and edgy, when they come live their sound is full and explosive - all that collective potential is released.  What amazes me is how Jace's smooth flow melds perfectly with Blak's off-kilter delivery and Felicia's stygian-deep soul - It's a combo that could only be pulled off by professionals such as these.  I can't recommend it enough.