Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I'm not old school, I'm just old.

So this blog has been dead for a while.  Chaos abounds, time runs short, and I no longer have the time or money or mental faculty to spend digging, critically listening, and writing.  Bring That Beat Back has been a wonderful experience for me, I've heard some amazing music, and more importantly, I've met some really great folks out there in the virtual world.  Thank you to the artists - the music I posted up here is among my absolute favorite, and each and every one of you have enriched my life and made the world a better place - and I'm so thankful none of you shut me down.  Much love to record-science, ghettotyylit, thethirdmen, thisisforthehustlers, straightouttadotcom, basementaddicts, and knowthis - you're my tribe,  keep it movin!  And as always, thank you to the readers, your comments, requests, and enthusiasm kept this blog afloat.
I can't say this is goodbye forever, but it is goodbye for now.  Be well out there, and peace.