Monday, April 29, 2013

More Notable Mentions

Classic Compilations From the Late '90's

These compilations from 1998-99 were also crucial pieces in my early underground collection.  Alien Nation, Afterlife, Living Legends, ATU, Beneath The Surface, Hieroglyphics,  Battle Axe, Black Love, and many, many others made their names known to me through these records.  Thanks to Meeee over at Record-Science for upping these originally - click the link below to find these plus many other dope compilations from the same era!

Saturday, April 27, 2013


Marvel Team Up

Another compilation, again from '99.  That was the year, apparently.  The usual cats are present with strong contributions - Acey, Ab, Awol, Dilated, Hiero, Lootpack, plus many, many others.  Some of these tracks wound up on proper albums later on, but there are still quite a few exclusives.  Back in the day when music by these artists was relatively slim and hard to come by, comps like these were a precious commodity.  Plus, inevitably I would get exposure to some unfamiliar acts.  


The Funky Precedent


From 1999, here's another compilation record from the olden days.  This album was never my favorite overall, but due to the fact that it held a few brilliant tracks here and there it got lots of play time.  Bookended by some strong tracks, the album frankly gets a little lackluster throughout the middle.  Still there are dope contributions from Dilated, j-5, Divine Styler, Styles of Beyond, and ATU.  What made the record for me though, was "Journey To Anywhere" from Ugly Duckling, "Project Bliznaiznowed" from Acey, and "Save the Music" from Myka 9 - which is in my opinion among the best songs he's ever crafted in his entire career.  

Funky Precedent

Friday, April 26, 2013

Request... Beets & Parsnips Vol 1

Keep The Beat Going

I'm a posting fool tonight...  Okay here's the first volume, of which I slept on back in the day.  Back in '97, when this gem of a compilation was released, I was freshly back in the states after living in England the previous year.  Pumped from all the watercress sandwiches and blood pudding, I was still soaking up Europe's brand of hip hop like a sponge.  The future of rap music lay in Bristol and Paris as far as my young anglophilic self was concerned, so I missed out a bit on what was waking up over here.  It took me a couple of years to finally start paying attention again, but I did, thanks in large part to the infectious sounds of the acts featured here:  Living Legends, Project Blowed, and Hieroglyphics.  All that's missing is a Quannum feature, but you can't ask for everything now, can you?

P.S. Many thanks go to Sociedad Travieza for the link!


Industry Standard

Here's another of those classic comps from back in the day, 1998 to be exact.  Representing both coasts (but leaning heavily towards the left), this supplied heads with an undiluted helping of organic beats and stylistic prowess.  This was considered an underground hip hop standard at the time; if you had any kind of cred whatsoever, you had this in your collection. (The predecessor from '97 was equally crucial.)


Sunshine, Beats and Rhymez

Back in the old days the compilation album was my primary means of discovering new artists.  Internet speeds were slow, and the 15-second 28-bit audio snippets the online webstores had to offer were useless when it came to sampling an artist's sound.  This was one of the many comps I picked up back then:  I recognized a couple names I liked, and a whole bunch I didn't recognize.  Here was my first introduction to The Mountain Bros, Eclipse 427, Zion I and many others, in the mix with a bunch of heads I already followed like Latyrx, Medusa and the Visionaries.  From the dark ages of 1999.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Where My Peoples At?

Get Hype Studios Is So Fly and Dope and Slamming

Here is a classic, not to be forgotten, and a real shame that it never officially dropped.  In the months of anticipation before The Platform came out, this cd started popping up on ebay.  This guy would post up a copy, we'd bid on it like idiots, and then when the auction ended he'd just post up another one.  I spent like 30 bucks for this "one of a kind" item, plus shipping, and to this day I still believe it was well worth the price.  I felt like I had struck gold when I got this in the mail and stuck it in the ol' discman.  It's ripped from a beat up old tape, sound quality is depressing, some songs are incomplete, you get the picture.  It didn't matter to me though; I soaked up every muddy bar.  The sound is youthful and fresh, and a completely different vibe from their later work.  As for Get Hype, eventually the dude got shut down and ebay issued a general announcement about selling bootlegs.  Ah, the good old days!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Bring That Beat Back, Vol. Upside Down Six

The Lees At Home

I have a few of these Northwest collections waiting to get posted up for those of you who want it, so let's get started, shall we?  

Track List:
1. Props! - So High
2. Madshroom MC - Trip Like This
3. Dawhud, Verbal Math, Fash-1 and Wildchild - True Lies
4. Kublakai - Get Beamed Up feat. P Smoov and Grynch
5. Knowledge SV - The Void
6. Mash Hall - Meth Heads
7. Page 3 and Bean One - XtreemHeat
8. Sam Lachow - 23rd Avenue feat Gabby, B Skeez, Wilson Luxurious, Sky Blaow and Riley Mulherkar
9. Fatal Lucciauno - Amazing (Bean One Remix)
10. Nu Era - Nu Tang feat. Kung Foo Grip
11. Side Pony - Just Be True
12. Rebel - Light Up (Shit You Like) feat Cole and Antbeezy
13. The Livin Yard - Society Of Summer
14. Self Evident - Motherland
15. The Deal - Repetition
16. Wizdumb - More Crates feat. Grief78 and Madshroom MC

Bruce, Linda, and Brandon