Sunday, May 19, 2013

G Teezy

From the Northeast to the Northwest

This 2001 full-length has been circulating around the webs in its OG form for a while.  As far as I know this is GT's debut, and isn't included in his available releases - maybe there's a problem with getting sample rights or something, because it's not for lack of great music.  It's definitely rougher than his later records, and he's still developing his flow here, but the fire, eloquence, and themes he's known for are already in place.  At some point I would love to do a proper piece about this particular 206 artist, but I won't frame it at this time in the context of this album - for now just listen and enjoy.  It's got that old-school, jazz sample-heavy flavor I love, and the rough, unmastered sound quality I crave in production.  Jerm, Castro, and Khingz, among others, guest.  This rip came to me via an anonymous benefactor - thank you!  Track listing is intact, as this is the revamped version from 2002.  It's the second edition, which features bonus tracks with a whole bunch of guest emcees (Orko, Macklemore, Moka Only, Deps, Patrick, Rajnii).  Vivacious music, from possibly the 206's most impassioned orator.


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