Monday, May 13, 2013

911 Amerika

A Call To Arms

Yet another compilation, this time from the Northwest.  This dropped in 2002 in response to the increasing hostilities directed towards the Middle East by the US.  Many notable acts contribute, including (ahem... wait for it...) Khazm, The Flood, Yirim Seck, Castro, Specs One, Gabriel Teodros, Khingz (back when he was still calling himself Khalil Crisis), Kylea of Beyond Reality, Vitamin D, H-Bomb, Silas Blak, WD4D, E-Real Asim of Black Anger, Surge Spitable, and El Saba, who provides the defining moment with "God Bless Humanity".  The album is an interesting mix of 2nd and 3rd wave Seattle hip hop, and captures the sound of the Town in a state of evolution.  Executive produced by Khazm and G. Teodros, released in part through MADK.


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