Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Where My Peoples At?

Get Hype Studios Is So Fly and Dope and Slamming

Here is a classic, not to be forgotten, and a real shame that it never officially dropped.  In the months of anticipation before The Platform came out, this cd started popping up on ebay.  This guy would post up a copy, we'd bid on it like idiots, and then when the auction ended he'd just post up another one.  I spent like 30 bucks for this "one of a kind" item, plus shipping, and to this day I still believe it was well worth the price.  I felt like I had struck gold when I got this in the mail and stuck it in the ol' discman.  It's ripped from a beat up old tape, sound quality is depressing, some songs are incomplete, you get the picture.  It didn't matter to me though; I soaked up every muddy bar.  The sound is youthful and fresh, and a completely different vibe from their later work.  As for Get Hype, eventually the dude got shut down and ebay issued a general announcement about selling bootlegs.  Ah, the good old days!


  1. The good old day of dirt bags selling fake bootlegs on eBay aren't over yet unfortunately. Not saying this Dialated is a fake bootleg but these 4 recent Eddie Ill & D.L. tapes are photo copy covers with dubbed cassettes. This guy sells to unsuspecting people all the time and for some reason eBay lets him get away with it. He puts them back up after selling them also.





  2. Oh my god! Thanks for sharing this gem. It is truly fresher than Platform.

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  4. As I bail down the block, a brown bag o' liquor
    ............................we just groovin to the beat and um
    This is the essence of a true city slicker

    Man there's three of my favorite dilated tracks on this classic gem.

    I'm only bummed to find out theres absolutely no way to remaster this recording...