Friday, March 15, 2013

Bring That Beat Back, Vol. 8

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The latest Installment in what's good in the Northwest.  I went for a certain sound with this collection.

Triceracorn - Colder Winter feat. Mike Harris
Cam The Mac - Keyed Decisions
Mad Rad - Glitzerland
Matic and Keyboard Kid - Too Easy
Lu C - Lanterns
The Deal - Rules
Baphomet MC - Blaze Away
Self Evident - Atmosphere
Triceracorn - Certain Type
Side Pony - Ride With Us
PROPS! - What Up
Think Jarvis - Short Love Letter
Leandre Nsabi - 5 In The Morning
Triceracorn - Strings Break
Knowledge SV - The Truce ft. Sunshine

J.P. Patches

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