Sunday, February 24, 2013

Microphone Love

Block Party

Nice wax from Zen and Dannu of the Visionaries.  Three tracks from their album Next Step are featured in vocal and Instrumental form ("Microphone Love", "Thanking You", and "Holiday").  Beats by fellow Visionary Key Kool, DJ Babu, and Omid, respectively.  2005 style.

Mic Love

Friday, February 22, 2013



Dreamy, psychedelic beat music from the master of that particular mood.  The title track is a rolling, bouncy excursion into near chaos before cascading into bubbly, happy ambience.  "Images of April" is a mellow, distorted anthem befitting any Summer vacation mixtape.  Instrumental and vox versions of the latter track are included.  This was quite a departure from Nobody's previous work, at least mood-wise, and pointed the way to his future endeavors.  Nice tunes for a sunny day.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Finally The Album

Request... Sorry to keep y'all hangin.  The gang is all here for this one - Pilot Rase, Joe Dubb, Megabusive, Dick Jones, Triangulum, Smash Adams, Luke Sick, Tapemaster Steph, and Neila, among others.  They all lend their talents to this grimy four-track masterpiece.  Few crews were as true to the four-track aesthetic as these cats, and their work in the medium was visionary.  Underground hip hop wouldn't be anywhere as cool as it is without them. 
 This link will only be up for a hot minute - Rase has plans to remaster and re-release their old work, so this is only for those cats who explicitly asked me for this.  Thanks go to Kali Yuga (I think) for the original file!  Get it quick!


Request... Town Biz Mixtape

206 Retrospect

Request... This free mixtape from 206 golden child and producer extraordinaire Jake One is a dope compilation featuring a gang of rare cuts - rare as in if you weren't recording it or performing it you've probably never heard it.  From the early 80's to 2010, this mix represents the sound of Seattle hip hop.  I guess the links are down everywhere else, so here it is for your listening pleasure!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Dyrdie Byrdie

N Flight Productions

Seattle emcee Byrdie released this 12" back in 2004, along with his album N Flight.  Boasting production from the legendary Vitamin D and Bean One, this sampling of what the album has to offer is head-nodding and infectious.  the A-Side, "B.Y.R.D.I.E.", with its minimal and angular beat gives Byrdie's flow ample room to slither and wrap itself around the corners.  The B-Side, "Scattin'", is more of a high-energy club cut.  Layers of horns, percussion, vocal samples and synth lines jump around, with Byrdie shouting to be heard over the cacophony.  Entertaining stuff from this Northwest stalwart.  Besides album cuts, instrumentals and acapellas are included as well.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Request... Imiuswi


Request... Politically and socially charged lyrical manifestos stand on top of heavy, electro-informed beats, sounding less like Zagu or Sach, and more like Paris or Sista Souljah.  This is a passionate work, no doubt about it, and with it yet another dimension of the varied and expansive GPAC sonic spectrum is uncovered.   Her 2012 album Uprising, is out and available - search for it and purchase!  Backed by a live band, she sounds even more volatile now than she did on Lost Angels, which is saying something.  


Saturday, February 2, 2013

Moonrocks In Ya Boombox


Bizarro and Nebulous came out with this tape back in 1999, calling themselves the Moonrocks Project, presenting some classic Cali underground at its finest.  Some of that unsigned and hella broke stuff.  The Living Legends crew were auditory and lyrical visionaries back in the day - you could instantly tell it was them the moment the tape started.  And even now those raw 4-track beats and blunted styles always make me smile when I hear them.  Compared to most of the output from the Legends this release gets kind of overlooked - as does all of Bizarro's work in my opinion.  Actually of all the members, his records always grabbed me the most; due to his everyman demeanor, as well as his home-grown beats.  You hear no shortage of either here, and it's just as much a rough gem as all his early work (Mind Sagas, Cartoon World II, etc).  Nebulous is a character I don't know much about, but he compliments Biz well here.  Eligh joins on one track, just to make things that much better.  Thanks to the late, great 5vemics forum for this rip - I wish I could remember the cat who I got this from, but thank you anyway - this is from the original cassette, not the expanded CD-R that was released later.  Greatness from the Legends.