Friday, December 7, 2012

Request... Strugglin'

Cypher In Effect

Request... Afterlife!  This is Got Struggle!, the self-released album from 2004.  I don't have much info on it (check out disco G's for all I know about it).  No typical CVBeats here, but the music is still street-level and gritty, (in contrast to the occasional sci-fi lyrical content) and utilizes some seriously dope samplege.  These guys are blessed with tight deliveries and voices that carry a menacing undercurrent, which makes a captivating listen each time I hear this album, like right now.  The guest artists listed on the cover don't actually appear on this album, but don't let that worry you.  Everything these guys put out was dope, so you can't go wrong here.  Check it out.



  1. Dope! could you post pages from the book of life and inner-g if you have them?

  2. i seen on accesshiphop cypher 7 has pages of the book of life ep does anybody have that?