Saturday, December 22, 2012

Request... Camp Freestyle

Thanks For The Image, Wernon

Request... Here is the unreleased full album from P.E.A.C.E., Fat Jack, Ric Roc, and Supa Nat, sometimes called No Foreplay.  In my opinion, it's a much better effort than either their cd ep or the vinyl 12".  Sorry for the digital pops and clicks, that's how it is.  I had the intention to try to clean it up, but you know how intentions go.  Thanks go to the generous homie Alex for hooking me up with this in the first place!

Camp Freestyle

Friday, December 21, 2012

Request... Sir Romancelot

Biblical Proof Of UFO's

Request... The most cohesive effort from Circus, and the last completed solo project of his to date.  Beats provided by AAA; and although they retain the same essence of his work with the Shifters, they are more minimal and sombre, sometimes dirge-like in their slow spaciness.   Circus has a lot to say on this, and not just about conspiracy theories and UFO's.  Political views are expressed, and personal releationships as well.  His unmistakable voice is present, but his style has changed for this release, delving into oldschool deliveries and at times, an almost spoken word style.  Quite a sober piece of work.  This record, along with The Weather, Slanguage, and Free Kamal, were some of the most out-there records at the time, and hinted at the creative heights the Shifters could have achieved if they had pooled that energy and continued in a collective fashion.  It's been a while since they got together, but it could still happen. 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Disturbers

Drunk Executioner

There's nothing quite like a Disturbers project.  Falling somewhere between The Dwarves and Non-Phixion, this tape from '99 features LukeSick pretty much up to his own awesome devices, spitting track after track of punk and alcohol-fueled heat.  Curator produced, with guests including Z-Man and Unbreakable Comb.  Head over to DiscoG's to purchase the remastered cd for cheap!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hell-Bent But Heaven-Sent


Possessed with one of the most distinctively grimy voices in the underground, Metfly (aka Andre Legacy) released this fast and dirty dust-devil of an album in 2000.  Something about this guy exudes sleaze, and he just gets nastier with age, like fancy French cheese.  This debut is dope from beginning to end, due to his vocal delivery and flow, and for the diamond-in-the-rough loops from Paris Zax.  Andre's partner in crime Existereo joins in on a couple tracks, and The Relevant (aka Mickey Avalon) guests on a couple more.  Watch out, this record may give you hep-C.

Wiggin' Out

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Request... Pages

Jump Off The Planet

Request... More from these particular Afterlifers.   This here is their hard debut cd-r from 2000.  Featuring a strong set produced by CVE, and containing the classic track "Prison Of The Mind".  It should have been song of the year, it's so good.  Guest shots from Medusa, Pink Panther, Jayne Doe and Michole (at least I think).  Songs recorded between 1996-2000.  Thanks for FaxCool for the original link!

Tha Book Of Life

Friday, December 7, 2012

Request... Strugglin'

Cypher In Effect

Request... Afterlife!  This is Got Struggle!, the self-released album from 2004.  I don't have much info on it (check out disco G's for all I know about it).  No typical CVBeats here, but the music is still street-level and gritty, (in contrast to the occasional sci-fi lyrical content) and utilizes some seriously dope samplege.  These guys are blessed with tight deliveries and voices that carry a menacing undercurrent, which makes a captivating listen each time I hear this album, like right now.  The guest artists listed on the cover don't actually appear on this album, but don't let that worry you.  Everything these guys put out was dope, so you can't go wrong here.  Check it out.


Monday, December 3, 2012

Request... Rude Steel...

Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos

Request... the big-ass compilation album from Aaron, collecting a bunch of his colabs, guest spots, and other various non-ATU album cuts.  The variety that multiple producers and a gang of vocal talent bring to the table makes this album an engaging listen, but at 18 tracks in length, it's hard to find the time to listen from beginning to end.  Still, this is Abby here, so you know it's imperative that you DO FIND that TIME.  Sooner than later.  Take a look at the image to see who else you're dealing with here.  Gives me shivers.

Abby Trax