Monday, September 24, 2012

Bring That Beat Back, Volume 7

My Old Place Of Employment.

It's been a few months since I posted up one of these "monthly" mixes.  Sorry, I been running.  Here is Volume 7 of beetbak's soiree into current Pac Northwest hip hop.  I usually try to create a sense of continuity between tracks, but not this time.  This is mostly mid-tempo, melancholy, Fall-ish tracks, in anticipation of the half-year rainy gray misery we call winter out here.  There are also some uptempo tracks, some dope posse cuts, and some other tracks that don't quite fit the dominant vibe I was going for.  Continuity be damned, just sit back and listen.  Hunker down around your coffee cup, turn your collar up, and check out Black Stax, Dawhud, Nathan Wolf, Inkubiz, Kingdom Crumbs, and all the rest.  There are some rarities here, too!  

Track List:
1.Black Stax and Castro: Never Take Drugs
2. Narcotik: Narconomix09
3. Central Intelligence: Call It As I See It
4. Knox Family (Jerm Dee, Julie C. and DJ B-Girl): Make Music
5. The Building Project: Kings
6. Dawhud: One Two Yo!
7. Inkubiz: The One's (Paid My Dues)
8. Kasi Jack Gaffle: Willy And Jim
9. Nathan Wolf: Keep Off Beach feat. Graves, Sarx
10. Massiah: Forever Seattle feat. Tautua, Khingz, Nam, C4, Mic Flont, Krook
11. Kingdom Crumbs: The Mezzanine
12. Hollis Wong-Wear, Gabriel Teodros, Slay, Chev, OneTwo - As Often As Raindrops
13. BadAssYellowBoys: Two Sided Game
14. Tru-ID: 2 Cents feat. Ricky Pharoe
15. Mic Makers: Run It Down feat. Verse Omega
16. Kids With Guns (Suntonio Bandanaz and Jerm Dee): It's AP
17. Tay Sean, Mikey Nice and Jarv Dee: We Don't Sound Like Yall
18. Suntonio Bandanaz: Microphone Masters feat. ChanceOne, Dee1, Alter, Deps, Rajnii, Jerm
19. Hi-Life Soundsystem: Death Of The Block Party Remix feat. Katie Kate


  1. nice man. appreciate your efforts!!!

  2. I'm curious of what's to come. It sounds good as autumn is hitting hard here too. Props man.

  3. Man you are killing me with the first track, it's awesome!

  4. Thanks, Doc and Meeee! I'm glad you tuned in. Autumn hasn't actually hit here yet. Still sunny skies and warm weather, but it's coming, and when it does it won't want to leave. And yes, that Black Stax track is so effing deep it's unbelievable!

  5. Is "As often as raindrops" from Black Stax?

  6. Just saw that your tracklist is different from the actual track order in the archive.