Monday, August 27, 2012

A World We See

Tru-ID and Graves33

From 2011, the stylistically-endowed Tru-ID teamed up with production master and all-around b-boy Graves 33 on this 8-track album.  The sound presented is a big departure from Tru-ID's debut album Stranded, or from his work with Ricky Pharoe.  This is due mainly to the maturing of his craft and the like-minded production from Graves.  Stranded was an epic, cinematic record, full of signature Reigncraft studio drama.  A synthetic orchestra accompanied him on that release, and his styles were intense, bombastic, and rapid-fire.  His subsequent release with Ricky Pharoe was a relatively subdued one, with both production and styles toned down a notch.  Tru abandons the emcee acrobatics even further on this release, placing the focus on storytelling and getting his point across; of which he proves to be just as much a master as he is with spitting.  The melancholy, multi-textured beats of Graves compliment him well here, creating a sense of sophisticated melodrama as opposed to Reigncraft's all-out war.  Graves joins in on vocals on one track, as does AudioPoet.  Great music from the Northwest, as if you didn't know by now.

Tru-ID and Graves33

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