Sunday, July 15, 2012

Jerm and Asun

Kids With Guns

This free EP from 2009 appears to be down everywhere, so why not post it up here?  Jerm and Asun/Suntonio Bandanaz from Alpha P present three tracks, with (I think) production from Tay Sean of Cloud Nice.  These emcees are two of the most stylistically versatile that Seattle has to offer; Jerm croons on SOTA and Helladope's iconic "Extrahelladope" just as proficiently as his quadruple-speed spitting on "Primetime", the first track on the EP here.  Asun sounds like a classic-era Blowedian, and in fact that's exactly what he is.  Tay's clean, sparkly beats give these two rugged lyricists a little added swagger, as if they needed it.  Short but sweet from some Seattle all-stars.

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