Sunday, June 3, 2012

Request... Dancing With Skeletons

All About The Music

Folks have been requesting this one, so why the hell not?  Patrick Nagel, Xololanxinxo, Tommy V, Ceschi and David Ramos (all players who never quite fit the usual conventions of hip hop) join up on a collection of tracks that also never quite fit the usual conventions of hip hop.  If you know these guys then you know that the only thing expected is the unexpected.  Joining them on this CDR release are Afterlifers Ridd?, Bus Driver, and 2Mex; 'Shifters Circus, Awol, Exist, and Life Rexall, and Acey, Lord Zen, and PSC.  

Dancing With Skeletons

Edit:  For other releases, as well as this one, check out my man the Thirdman!


  1. man thank you so much

  2. if you need the other ones... ;)

  3. can you reupload Toca | Joyful Misery bw That One Song it wont download

  4. does anybody have these tommy v albums?

    Tommy V. A Boy and his 4-track

    Tommy V. The Tails and Trails of Tommy V

    Tommy V - Homeless Limited Edition

    please reply