Friday, May 4, 2012



E-Real Asim of legendary 206 crew Black Anger presented the world with these tracks via social networks, and they are absolutely amazing.  Remember when hip hop was dangerous?  I remember the first time I ever heard Public Enemy, and the uncomfortable feeling that formed in the pit of my stomach.  That certainty that these people were genuinely upset, upset at me, my family, and every other sheltered, privileged bovine/porcine like me.  This was music and energy tensed upon a knife-edge.  The sense of violence and righteous retribution was thick with vintage PE, and even as a young kid, I got that loud and clear.  I didn't feel safe listening to them.  Well, E-Real's tracks here bring that sense back like no one else I've heard.  He holds nothing back, and it's a real shame that there aren't more emcees willing to go the full distance like he does.  Fuck complacency.  Brilliant lyricism brought to you from a freight train crashing through your ears, brain, defenses, and ego.  Great thanks go to Kevin for letting me know E-Real had done more work, and for sending it my way.  Some of the tracks come from an album entitled The Pacifier.  I'd love to hear more, if anyone out there knows of it.