Sunday, May 13, 2012

Bring That Beat Back, Vol. 5

The Boz In Your Face

Here's the 5th installment in the monthly soiree into current PacNW hip hop from the beetbak frequent rotation.  This volume features some bright, sunny summertime jams in the first half.  Spark some purple, sit on a beach somewhere, and celebrate existence.  The second half is still summery, but more nocturnal and hallucinatory, thanks mainly to the nearly exclusive content from OC Notes and Tay Sean and the Cloud Nice crew.  Tay and OC are geniuses, and I can't get enough of them right now.  Enjoy.

Track List:
1. Photosynthesis - Saturday Morning Cartoon
2. Chipping Away - Ricky Pharoe & Tru-ID
3. I Just Wanna (At 4:20 AM) - Jarv Dee
4. Def Yoda Pt. 3 - Kung Foo Grip
5. Suicide City feat. Kublakai - Phil In The Blank
6. Rap Life - Sol
7. Don't Worry feat. Maya Jenkins - Candidt
8. Ready For We - The Physics
9. For The Birds - Kingdom Crumbs
10. Chocolate Grills For Cavities - Metal Chocolates
11. Stomp (Sax G Mix) feat. Tay Sean - Sax G
12. Let It Loose - Thaddeus David
13. Everything Stays Dipped - Metal Chocolates
14. Pick Both Sides Of My Brain - Kingdom Crumbs
15. Live Up - Mikey Nice
16. Dreamin' - Jamil Suleman

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