Friday, April 13, 2012

Bring That Beat Back, Vol. 4

Yet Another 206 Compilation

More from the 206 and neighboring environs.  Probably my favorite and most varied installation in the beetbak compilation series to date.  Seattle's a pretty small town geographically, but you'd never know it from all the talent pouring out of here.  Give a listen.

Track Listing:
1. Uh... No - Katie Kate
2. Glory - RC feat. Dee Ale
3. Animal Planet Rock feat. Hollis of Canary Sing - Don't Talk To The Cops
4. Midnight Special feat. Vitamin D - Brothers From Another
5. Brain Champagne - Helluvastate
6. The Lazerbeams - Fresh Espresso
7. Stay Strong feat Rajnii of Alpha P - Josh Rizeberg
8. The Youth Dies Young (Douster Remix) - Mad Rad
9. Hustle Feet feat. Jerm (Lemon Kush Remix) - OCnotes
10. Cloud City - Cheo Lopez
11. Forever feat. Nam - Hi-Life Soundsystem
12. Reality Check - Yirim Seck
13. The Four Horsemen - Noah 23, Ricky Pharoe, Tru-ID, Byrdie
14. Bellowing Scum feat. Julie C, Suntonio Bandanaz - Wings and Wounds
15. 50 Thousand Deep - Blue Scholars


  1. I love these compilations...don't stop man.

    I have gotten hip to so many dope artists because of you, thanks.

  2. I'm very happy you're enjoying them!