Sunday, March 4, 2012

Fsh & Khule on German Radio + 3 Hour Live Set!

Beetbak Exclusive

All praises due to the brother Rob from Germany for hooking me up with this.  Rob is a dude I've come to know over the months through correspondences and a shared love of underground hip hop.  He's an all around good human, and I feel very blessed indeed to have made his acquaintance.  We've been trading files back and forth for a little bit now, and he just recently and very generously hit myself and Jibs (over at This Is For The Hustlers) with a couple astounding audio documents.  Up until now he was probably the only person on the planet with these tapes, so I'm grinning big when I listen to such rare stuff.  The first you can find over at Jibs' site, which is a German radio show regarding the So Far West tour of 2004 featuring NgaFsh, Ellay Khule, Taktloss, Brodhi, and (for a little while at least) Kegs One.  
The second you can find here.  This is a 25-minute interview with an elevated/hellafaded Fsh and Khule, then a nearly three-hour live set featuring Brodhi, Tatkloss, Jack Orsen, Fsh, and Khule.  Kegs is unfortunately no longer part of the tour, but it's still a dope, dope, DOPE recording.  Fsh apparently had some stomach trouble at the time, but he still spits like a mad man, and Khule is on fire.  The German emcees are absolute heat, and even though I can't understand anything except the swear words they certainly hold their own next to the Goodlifers.  If this set is any indication the tour must have been an incredible event.  Be sure to thank Rob in the comments for hooking us all up with this gold mine!


  1. That's NICE!!! i've been to the sofarwest show in Frankfurt, Germany, driving 5 hours back & forth, Kegs was there, but Taklo$$ too, Fsh&Khule, Brodhi, Cavemen Speaks & Gunporn.... a fucking great night!!!!

  2. sorry if i repeat myself, but really, really! IT WAS THE BOMB!!! :)

  3. like you said, it sounds like it was an incredible event. i'm only halfway through but i already wish i'd been there