Thursday, February 23, 2012

West Coast Scavengers

Hungry Buzzards

This 12" Ep from 2004 features some great, dusty psychedelia courtesy of beatmakers Manik Amidst, Hackmaster Derk, Chez Rock, Ao-Repose and the Instrumental Ward.  Radioinactive joins Instrumental Ward in the incredibly synergistic effort "Begging For Change", while Seattle emcee Asun (aka Suntonio Bandanaz) and turntablist Sessions do their crazy thing over Chez Rock's "Telepathy."  Suntonio is an emcee worth searching out; he's a mainstay of the mighty Alpha P/First Platoon massive here in the 206 with an impressive catalogue stretching back over the last decade.  He's first-rate, as are all the talents on this vinyl.  Listen


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  1. arhhh i waited too long to buy this vinyl...back in the day i was even more broke than i actually am....
    well did you heard new Radio track ? sounds nice, i'm glad he's back !!!