Monday, February 27, 2012

Greatest Bumps Vinyl Box Set

Bumpin' Contraption

Beetbak received a request the other day for a few Blackalicious singles I sadly didn't have, but it got me thinking about this amazing compilation - The Solesides Greatest Bumps album from 2000.  Back when I first heard Blackalicious' Melodica EP I knew I had stumbled onto something serious and brilliant, and the feeling was only compounded by my introduction to DJ Shadow's work and the Latyrx album a little while later.  It made me a die-hard Solesides fan, and I was a sad little wreck of a human when I learned that the original dream had dissolved.  Sure they reformed right away into Quannum, but that initial rawness that I loved about the early work of those 5 core members was lost with the original name.  
That's why I just about popped a blood vessel in happiness when this came out; a "greatest hits" comp of early Solesides material, both heard and unheard.  That great double cd can be found elsewhere, but I thought I'd post up the vinyl box set with the different tracks.  Herein you find the full version (well, one of the full versions) of Shadow's 16-minute "Entropy", plus instrumentals and vox tracks from the entire crew.  Track list can be found here.  This takes me back, not only to 2000, but beyond to the '90's and my incredibly neurotic youth, when every corner I turned found me face-to-face with something new and exciting.  Listen to this, and hopefully you will get a sense of it.