Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Request... Still Making Tracks

Doing His Dang Thang

As requested, here is the limited edition album in Abby Rude's "Making Tracks" series, called Still Making Tracks.  Limited to 1000 copies and only pressed on vinyl, I'm not sure if this has any exclusives or not, but it's a dope listen one way or another.
I really love the limitations vinyl brings.  At only 37 minutes, this record is concise and to the point.  There are no half-assed songs or fillers, and I don't get tired of listening before the last song comes.  On the other hand, the 18-track Steel Making Trax, although full of great songs, is over 60 minutes in length - it's too much to sit through all at once without the mind and ears wandering.  Unfortunately a lot of songs worth hearing are lost in the bombardment of music - and really, who has time to sit for over an hour and focus on music?  I can't remember the last time I had that luxury.
Anyway this is a great collection of tracks.  This is new-school Ab; harder and more direct than the days of Mood Pieces or Thynk Taynk, and better suited for a varied album such as this.  Production credits include BNA, Kenny Segal, Moka Only, Nucleus, ESP, Dave Dog, Blunted Stylus and Fat Jack.  He is joined by Aceyalone, Moka, Maya Jupiter, Bukue, Dj Drez, and Nikko.  Fresh.

Still Making Tracks


  1. another great 24/7 record. i used to dig this sweden label...sad it stopped activities. i once met the owner of the label, cool cat!

  2. Good, I also got the same request, so I don't need to rip the record anymore :D

  3. it made me remember i got this 7" pressed out by super fellaz from 24/7 & HHV.de...

  4. Thanks for posting this!

    - Shane

  5. Would anyone be willing to post up that new Shape Shifters track "Young Rich Dangerous" that's on the vinyl version of AWOL's Child Star LP? I haven't been feeling AWOL solo work for many years and I can't bring myself to buy the whole LP for this one song

  6. Don't suppose anybody has Steel Making Tracks release?