Sunday, January 1, 2012

Asmarbeats Vol. 2

This, That, And The Other

Happy New Year Everyone!  I'm going to start 2012 off with a few goodies that folks have sent me over time, either because the albums were on my want list or because the folks thought it would be fitting for me to post it up.  The first is the second 12" in the Asmar Beats series, aptly titled "Asmar Beats Vol. II".  Sent to me from Straight Outta Dot Com,  an excellent blog with a lot of Northwest gems, Vol II showcases two trippy tracks; the first being "The Force" (Also on his full length Zombeats joint), and the flip being the non-album track "MM".  If you only listen to one Asmar beat in your life, make it "The Force."  With it's extended vocal drone, movie samples, and low-fi, Mo'Wax-style beat, it's a perfect head-trip.  "MM" isn't as immediately ear-catching, but it's still worth the fifty or so listens I've given it.  Mellow and happy, the track plays reminiscent of Aphex Twin or Wagon Christ - Good, irreverent times.  From way back in 1999... time flies.

Vol II

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