Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ganjah K is Going Official

Oh, Happy Day

Ganjah K and Bombay Recordz sent Bring That Beat Back this message today, followed shortly after by a copyright infringement notice from Ganjah K and Bombay Recordz' lawyer.  Here's the Ganjah K note:

Ganja K is releasing unheard tracks, flows, B-Sides and entire neverbefore released records in Exclusive Limited Volumes through Bombay Recordz! These volumes will include ALL tracks from the acclaimed and highly sought after, Harvest For The World and the NEW albums, Possession Of Sales and Dankster Life. The unheard will now be heard by the masses. 

Stay tuned 

That is cool as shit.  I can't wait.  The Harvest tracks I had up were unlistenable due to the hideous sound quality, and it's been a quiet, quiet Hell waiting for a chance to get to hear that album as it was meant to be heard.  I just thought all y'all should know about it.  
The old links I had up for Harvest and Danksta life were removed as of yesterday morning.
Damn, but I can't wait for this stuff to drop!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Burning Hot In London On A Saturday Night

This is a bootleg out on Minty Fresh showcasing two radio sets the Quannum crew performed on British Radio from 1999 and 2000.  Great, live in the studio shit, no wasted space or thoughtful lip smacking here.  Latyrx stand out to me as the stars of the show, with Gift only really stepping out for the freestyle sessions with the three emcees at the end of each set.  Joining them on the 2000 set is Vursatyl from Lifesavas, on a brief freestyle as well.  2000 set is almost 50 minutes and features mostly old Solesides material, and the 1999 set is a half hour, focusing on the material from the Quannum Spectrum comp from the same year.  Crucial listening for those fans of the early days of Quannum/Solesides.

Dead Men Don't Download

Another one goes down... Watch your backs.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bring That Beat Back Vol. 1

A 206 Hip Hop Compilation

It's no mystery that I love to hype my town's hip hop past, but Seattle's current roster of talent is equally brilliant.  Now more than ever before, the hip hop of 206 is shining.  So I thought it would be fitting to throw together a comp of current (and by "current" I mean in the last 10 years) notable acts that have been in my rotation lately.  

Track List:
1. Everett - Foscil and Specs
2. L's Up - Spac3man
3. HeadCrack - Tulsi
4. Gunwise - Jace Ecaj
5. Yesterday feat. Marissa - D. Black
6. Be Easy feat. Yirim Seck - Silas Blak
7. The 1-2 - Beyond Reality
8. It's That feat. Geologic - Gabriel Teodros
9. Crushes Heaven feat. Macklemore - Abyssinian Creole
10. Until The Day I Die feat. Tone Capone - The Naturals
11. Escape Society - Khingz
12. Chuch - Shabazz Palaces
13. Caution feat. Mari Sol - Piece
14. Paper Cutz - Specs One
15. Demons - Felicia Loud and the Soul

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Request... Still Making Tracks

Doing His Dang Thang

As requested, here is the limited edition album in Abby Rude's "Making Tracks" series, called Still Making Tracks.  Limited to 1000 copies and only pressed on vinyl, I'm not sure if this has any exclusives or not, but it's a dope listen one way or another.
I really love the limitations vinyl brings.  At only 37 minutes, this record is concise and to the point.  There are no half-assed songs or fillers, and I don't get tired of listening before the last song comes.  On the other hand, the 18-track Steel Making Trax, although full of great songs, is over 60 minutes in length - it's too much to sit through all at once without the mind and ears wandering.  Unfortunately a lot of songs worth hearing are lost in the bombardment of music - and really, who has time to sit for over an hour and focus on music?  I can't remember the last time I had that luxury.
Anyway this is a great collection of tracks.  This is new-school Ab; harder and more direct than the days of Mood Pieces or Thynk Taynk, and better suited for a varied album such as this.  Production credits include BNA, Kenny Segal, Moka Only, Nucleus, ESP, Dave Dog, Blunted Stylus and Fat Jack.  He is joined by Aceyalone, Moka, Maya Jupiter, Bukue, Dj Drez, and Nikko.  Fresh.

Still Making Tracks

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Homeless Tea Party

Tommy V and Imprints

This short release had been on my want list forever until the homey Bychar (thanks!) let me know it had been posted up at the excellent blog Til Infinity (even if it's in hibernation).  It's short but sweet, featuring three tracks and one instrumental.  EX2 and Awol One guest, as well as Noname, Hedgehog, and Slopoke.  Link can be found below.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Beyond Reality - The Revival (2001)

Without A Doubt, They Turn The Party Out

Hindsight, as they say, is 20/20.  For example, check this great live document I slept on.  The group is Seattle's Beyond Reality, playing a hype show from way back in April 2001.  Back then, Source of Labor's Wordsayer (also the business and romantic partner of Beyond Reality's Kylea) used to put on a weekly hip hop workshop and jam session at the local live venue Sit n' Spin, called Sureshot Sundays.  Every Sunday afternoon, the local hip hop community would congregate at the cafe/club/laundromat(!) to spin, break, emcee, and just get together.  Being the shut-in hermit that I am, I regrettably never attended, although I used to try to screw up my courage every Sunday to head on down the hill from my apartment to the Belltown spot to get my muddy-ass beat tape heard.  However, since I was just starting out I felt like I'd be in over my head amidst all the "true" hip hoppers.... like I said earlier about hindsight...
In any case, Shureshot Sundays closed up shop probably a decade ago now, but this release is a snapshot of what it must have been like.  Kylea is joined on the decks by Topspin and Kamikaze, and Wordsayer joins on the mic here and there.  Incredibly live and overflowing with solidarity and positivity (not to mention the stellar flows of Kylea), this album just makes me regret more not getting my burned-out ass down the hill to the Sit n' Spin to be a part of it all.  It's a dope record, full of tracks never released otherwise, in professional sound quality.  Beyond Reality was supposedly set to drop a studio record in 2001, and as far as I know that never actually happened.  Apart from a few early singles and compilation cuts, and the 2008 A Soul's Journey CD, this is as close as you get to the classic BR sound.  Listen and enjoy!  Thanks go again to the generous homey Kaliyuga Pro for hooking me up with this treasure.

The Revival

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

...Of Proliteariots

Trying To Maintain The Real

This one was sent my way a while back from Daniel in Berlin - thank you again, kind sir! ...Of Proliteariots is a Hawaii indie supergroup consisting of John Tsunam, Nocturne, Wimbly Smallfry (of Lightsleepers) and StapleMouth.  My knowledge of the HI underground is extremely limited, but what I have managed to hear has always hit me in a particular way.  Like the state itself, the music has a immediately identifiable tranquility and peacefulness to it.  Not that Hawaii is all luaus and relaxing on the beach, but there is a definite sense of isolation from the insanity and brutality the rest of the world so loves to indulge in.  
Sonically this release is what I crave - lofi recording quality, sample-based grooves, drums, and tight, inspired emcees.  What more needs to be said?  Just that Amos, Omega 6, and Ceschi show up as well. From 2002

Blue Collar

P.S, check out the great blog The Thirdman, for the Of Proliteariots 7", also from 2002!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Closet Manifestos

This Is Just An Intro To The Album

But what an intro it is.  Silas Blak from (Black Stax, Silent Lambs Project, and Blind Council) spits the most brain-stimulating abstract metaphors you can imagine, in a delivery so dark and jarring it causes hiccups.  He leaves you hanging on to every grimy word he speaks, while your head-nod slows to nothing and your feet forget to dance.  He's the rarest kind of poet; one that is able to speak the most eloquent stanzas you wish you could think up, but in plain rap, straight to your brain.  There's nothing frou-frou here, no self-absorbed coffee-house spoken word crap or tired-out boasting.  There's no wasted space.  Every word is what he means - even on these 7 tracks that didn't make the full-length.  On beats, Silas is joined by Specs One, King Otto, Dropcast Music, and Vitamin D (who also lends a verse on one track).  From 2006, released on CD-R.  Unfortunately the full-length album Silas Sentinel has recently gone out of print.  A darker and heavier hip hop record has yet to be heard.  For now listen to this and yearn.  Thank you to Kaliyuga Pro over at Ghettotyylit for this invaluable work from a true poet.

 1986 (Closet Manifestos)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Asmarbeats Vol. 2

This, That, And The Other

Happy New Year Everyone!  I'm going to start 2012 off with a few goodies that folks have sent me over time, either because the albums were on my want list or because the folks thought it would be fitting for me to post it up.  The first is the second 12" in the Asmar Beats series, aptly titled "Asmar Beats Vol. II".  Sent to me from Straight Outta Dot Com,  an excellent blog with a lot of Northwest gems, Vol II showcases two trippy tracks; the first being "The Force" (Also on his full length Zombeats joint), and the flip being the non-album track "MM".  If you only listen to one Asmar beat in your life, make it "The Force."  With it's extended vocal drone, movie samples, and low-fi, Mo'Wax-style beat, it's a perfect head-trip.  "MM" isn't as immediately ear-catching, but it's still worth the fifty or so listens I've given it.  Mellow and happy, the track plays reminiscent of Aphex Twin or Wagon Christ - Good, irreverent times.  From way back in 1999... time flies.

Vol II