Friday, November 4, 2011

Nomad Da Nomadic - Worldwide

Shining like Folgers Crystals

Nomad's third 12", 2001.  Here we find him a much more commanding presence on the mic compared to his earlier releases, and he instantly grabs your attention.  Thanks to this, "Worldwide" is definitely one of the dopest tracks he ever blessed.  It doesn't hurt that Jake One's production is spot-on either.  The flipside, the J. Freeze- produced "Divine Rhymer", has that classic Nomad sound; slow, nocturnal beat, sentimental strings, brilliant organ touches here and there.  I had forgotten about this 12; I remember now that I used to see it sitting there in the stacks at Tower Records (RIP), but I never picked it up (on some poverty shit).  Low and behold I came across it while digging through the crates at a local independent last week, still in the shrinkwrap even!  Sweet.  I have absolutely no idea what Nomad's up to these days, but I hope he still finds the time to do his thug shizzle now and again.  Peep this Northwest nugget - Street, radio, and instrumental versions of the A-side; with radio, instrumental, and a cappella for the B-side.



  1. Thanks for this, dude kills it. Gonna have to get this record.

  2. Is it the same Nomad who also appeared on a compilation by Factor?

  3. I'm pretty sure that's a different guy, but since I haven't heard that Factor track I can't be certain.

  4. You are right he is a different person :D