Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Respect Is Due

Show Respect Here, Oh Completist

The 12" EP that came out prior to the full-length CD a few months later.  The first time I dropped my poor, abused needle on this I remember feeling something close to heartache hearing the tracks from PSC and P.E.A.C.E.  To this day I think that those are two of the best beats Jizzm ever made.  Other tracks come from Jizzm, LMNO, Mykill Miers, and the one and only Otherwize.  Damn, he always comes through.  No exclusive cuts here, just 6 songs from the then-forthcoming cd.  Yes, a fool and his money are soon parted.  But for all you completists out there, go ahead and give this an ill listen.  It's meta-quality material.

Show Respect Here 12

Monday, November 14, 2011

Narcotik Remastered

The Note of Narcotik released this remastered edition of Narcotik's debut classic on his blog Gunz & Butta as a free download a few days ago.  Featuring the full album, plus compilation tracks and working versions, he effectively expanded the album to twice its original size.  This is a bittersweet goldmine... It's going to take me a while to be able to listen to this without aching, but I'm gladdened nonetheless that this has been released finally in somewhat of an official capacity.  RIP Tizzy T.

Intro To The Central

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Where I'm From Sampler

From 2004, here's an interesting curio from Imperator.  It's not actually an official album - this is a sampler Imp released beforehand that features 7 tracks from the Where I'm From album, plus a 26-minute "Screw Mix" tacked on at the end. this mix inexplicably features a bunch of tracks of Imp's in one long file, tape style, while he gives endless shout outs over the top, all slowed down a bit.  It doesn't really go over as well as what was happening with the chopped and screwed scene that was so huge at the time, but whatever.  I guess the whole Houston thing must have rubbed off on him.  These tracks find Imperator's delivery more polished from his debut Evolution of a Man, and although it doesn't feature the million and a half guests that Evolution had, this sampler still a damn good record.  Imp brings that oldschool vibe as only he can, Goodlife OG that he is.  According to his website, there's a new Imperator album due to drop shortly.  I'm eager to hear how he's sounding these days.  For now, though, I'll just listen to this.

Where I'm From 

Friday, November 4, 2011

Nomad Da Nomadic - Worldwide

Shining like Folgers Crystals

Nomad's third 12", 2001.  Here we find him a much more commanding presence on the mic compared to his earlier releases, and he instantly grabs your attention.  Thanks to this, "Worldwide" is definitely one of the dopest tracks he ever blessed.  It doesn't hurt that Jake One's production is spot-on either.  The flipside, the J. Freeze- produced "Divine Rhymer", has that classic Nomad sound; slow, nocturnal beat, sentimental strings, brilliant organ touches here and there.  I had forgotten about this 12; I remember now that I used to see it sitting there in the stacks at Tower Records (RIP), but I never picked it up (on some poverty shit).  Low and behold I came across it while digging through the crates at a local independent last week, still in the shrinkwrap even!  Sweet.  I have absolutely no idea what Nomad's up to these days, but I hope he still finds the time to do his thug shizzle now and again.  Peep this Northwest nugget - Street, radio, and instrumental versions of the A-side; with radio, instrumental, and a cappella for the B-side.