Sunday, October 16, 2011

Kombo's New Horizons

Pure Knowledge

What ever happened to this guy?  For about 6 years I'd see his name pop up here and there - the first place I remember him was on the Connect the Dots comp from '99, and the last I heard of him was on Self Scientific's "Balance" from '05.  In between he made various guest spots and put out a few singles, but since then he's been quiet.  Truly unfortunate for us all, because the man can rock the mic.  This release show us that - the "New Horizons" 12".  Produced by Pete Rock's brother Grap Luva on the A side with Mum's the Word on the flip, and featuring J-Rocc on the cuts, it's a solid and accomplished effort from beginning to all-to-quick end.  Out on Up Above back in 2000.  Let's hope Kombo picks up the mic again some day soon.

New Horizons

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