Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Fact Of The Matter

See It All From A Universal Perspective

Scarub and Elusive from 1999.  The sophomore slump doesn't apply here.  Truly a more intense album would be hard to come by.  Scarub manages to cram a lot into his rapid-fire and intellectual delivery, which speeds through the perfectly-sized empty spaces in Elusive's minimalistic beats.  Both originally from the infamous Log Cabin crew, rhyme sayer and beat maker had a long history together at this point, and that's probably why everything seems to meld together so tightly.
Few guests appear on this album.  I get the feeling Scarub had a lot to get off his chest here, and didn't want his vision diluted.  Like Aceyalone's sophomore record, this is the artists' magnum opus, with a carefully chosen musician to spark the poetry to life.  Definitely a high point in Scarub's catalogue, as well as that of the Living Legends.