Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Goodvibe 2000

Once Upon A Time

Here's a great little promo compilation that Good Vibe Recordings put out at their height in 2000. At just shy of 45 minutes, it economically showcases some of the formidable GV talent with both well-known album and single cuts, as well as harder-to-find mixtape tracks and remixes. Big names like Slum Village, Defari, Aceyalone, Bahamadia, Pete Rock and Xzibit appear, as well as lesser-known cats like Big Dro, Saukrates, Mirage, and Tee Double. It's no surprise that Good Vibe mainstays Animal Pharm and Spontaneous lend a couple of my favorite tracks on this, as does Neb Love and Nuthouse. However the album topper has to be Mystic's "Ok...Alright" from her classic Cuts For Luck & Scars For Freedom record, arguably the best thing Good Vibe ever released. It's a seriously haunting track courtesy of producer Angel. It gives me goosebumps. All tracks are here in their clean versions. Good stuff from a great label in a lost era.


  1. Cool, I didn't know that Good Vibe had a compilation! Thank you very much :D
    I think I might have the Spontaneous album around. If you are interested i am going to have a look for it.

  2. Thanks Meeee, but I have and covet that record. I think Treiduiunu hooked me up with that, actually....

  3. nice post. Good vibe always put out good ish. Lookin forward to hear this! Thx