Saturday, August 27, 2011

Request... Kaos Cou De Ta (Dusty Vinyl)

Afterlife Legion
I received a request for this Kclassic recently, so I thought I'd dig up the old vinyl version. What an awesome record. It's condensed and over the top; high-energy as hell. Mostly this is a CVE production, but Chu's live band Legion provides a ton of musical accompaniment, along with Ebow, Hip Hop Kclan and Click the Supah-Latin. All the cooks in this kitchen give this short record a consistently different sound than the usual oldschool Afterlife releases, and although I love those old cd-r's to death, it's always cool to hear artists branching out. Lyricist-wise, there are a ton of emcees, but Ridd?, Fsh, Chu and Khule seem to be on the tracks the most consistently. Wreccless, Pterradacto, Otherwize and JXL also appear here and there.
Like the title of this post says, this is some dusty, crackly shit. I didn't do anything to clean it up, cuz that's how I like it. I hope you like it too.
Kaos Cou


  1. Awesome! Thanks Jack Devo!! My search is finally over. Keep up the great posts!

  2. HELL YEAH....this is a dope album....only place i've seen it online....thanks dog

  3. same here.. thanks dude