Thursday, August 11, 2011

Vincent Van Specs

Flyin' The Flannel
I'm on a strict diet of Specs these days. He's all I've been listening to; I can't get enough of his music. Surprisingly, there's almost nothing to be found of this phenomenal cat on yoo tooob, but I did find this live clip of him at the Rendezvous here in Seattle from a few years back. It's a great and fitting example of a truly unique artist in hip hop. Lanky, dressed like a logger ('cuz it's cold in the Northwest), alone on the stage (no hype man, no DJ), stomping around in a circle while he spits - this is about the most fitting clip of Specs One that I can imagine. He's a Northwest cat through and through, a true frontiersman and artist in all things he pursues, and he stays true to his convictions. You will probably never hear an industry beat behind this guy; his standard of what's cool is his and his alone. Pure artistry, subscribing to no genre, style or trend. Completely doing his own thing, I find myself thinking of him as the rap Neil Young (or Van Gogh), and the world's a better place for it. Like he's said numerous times before, "Hip hop, rap, I could care less. All these categories mean shit to the S."
By the way, this track, "Gogh", is off of his wonderfully scratchy record Green Lover and the Northwest Hits. Pick it up, why don'cha?

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