Thursday, June 16, 2011

Request... A.A.A.

Sucks To Your Asmar

In answer to a request, I tracked down this early EP by the far-out beatman and sometimes-producer for Circus and the Shape Shifters. The three instrumental songs presented here are wildly creative, moody, and infectious. I listened to them over and over and over again last night. Slow, nocturnal beats, vintage vocal snippets, eerie effects, something that sounds like an autoharp - it all coalesces to form a distinct, mature voice apart from the legions of faceless, cookie cutter ProTool robots out there. For comparison's sake, his vibe sometimes reflects that of Nobody, Dynomite D, Grantby, or Frane - good company as far as I'm concerned.
To whomever requested this, thank you for pointing me in this direction! I may have a new name to add to my list of favorite producers...



  1. damn, this is a real treat. i've been searching for this for years and it's great to finally hear it!

    there is a 2nd volume of beats from around that time. i think circus may have mentioned it on the old awol forum. couldn't find any info online to the point where i feel like i just imagined it...

    also, i read an interview with asmar where he said he locked himself in his basement for a week and just meditated and made beats and i think this 12" was the result, although it may have been his living zombeats album. either way, great stuff!

  2. I found this brilliant 12" in my local record store a couple of weeks ago. Very nice found for being that kind of record store. Thanks for the upload, will be a treat for my mp3-player.

    Never heard of Living Zombeats, please upload if you track it down.