Sunday, June 26, 2011

New Vesuveo

Shine Like It Does

After more than 10 years, Vesuvio is back at it! For those that were there, his old group The Anonymous was heat. Consisting of Vesuvio, Dj Drez, Zinndeadly, and Able, they put out a number of slept-on releases before their EP Green and Gold garnered them some attention. They split up some time after that, and while Drez stayed in the underground spotlight, the rest of the team relatively faded from view.
So I was excited to learn just the other day that Vesuvio has a new record out, called Shine. Listening to it, you definitely hear echoes of The Anonymous; their penchant for dramatic, full scores, impassioned deliveries, and ample use of the turntables, are all present here. Vesuvio himself hasn't lost his lyrical touch, and while he might sound a bit overly-ernest here (he tends to tackle social issue after social issue), it's still fresh to hear his familiar voice after so long. Production-wise, Spanish guitar dominates, the beats hit, and that Anonymous-style orchestral sound is thankfully present. Among others, his old partner Zinndeadly shows up on beats, along with Vesuvio himself. So go show this veteran some love and check out his work!

Get a free DL here

Pick up the 11-track Album here


  1. oh, nice one! Thanks.

  2. While the free song is very good, the whole album doesn't seem so. It's not what I would have expected cause there isn't much left over from the typical Anonymous/Moonshine sound. On the preview I can only sense "Breakthrough" as a cool track besides "Algiers Point". "Shine" is also interesting but what I don't like are that heavy use of claps, although it is an interesting use of Tubular Bells, but claps are claps and to many tracks with claps on an album really destroys the listening experience. You can't hear it through cause there is not much variation between the tracks.
    BTW DJ Drez told me once that the Anonymous part cause some members moved to different places. Zinndeadly made beats for MTV shows and also produced an album for Dena Deadly, they went as the Deadly Twins. Able seems to be vanished. Vesuvio also called himself Manifest and he re-released the Anonymous stuff on itoons under Manifest Media. What I really hated was, that this stuff was itoons only and their was no other possibility the get the stuff for years elsewhere.