Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Angular, Rectangular, Perpendicular, Particular

Mumbles creeps me out. His beats just have a sense of urgency and anxiety. I think the lead song off this 12" demonstrates that quintessentially. That sinister, repetitive loop with the hissing cymbals, and the crowded, downward melodic progression, like the player is running out of time. "The Guidelines 94" doesn't give much respite from this vibe: the truncated bass line without resolution creates again a sense of loping, ominous urgency. As a producer, Mumbles was the perfect choice to compliment Acey at this time, as the emcee was growing out of the loose-tongued freestyler he was known for to become a mature poet and social commentator. His second solo record, completely produced by Mumbles, showed a more experimental, angrier, more articulate and soberer side of the artist only hinted at previously. Ultimately this was only a phase for Acey, but it was truly a memorable one.
The non-album track "Fortitude" is produced by Punish, and presents a much different vibe from the first two tracks. It's peaceful and quiet - it doesn't concern itself with exposing the dark underbelly of existence like "Faces" does - and it's a great end to this 12", as it gives the listener a welcome resolution to all of Mumble's nervousness and doom. This 12" is actually quite self-contained and complete on its own - it's good listening when you want to feel a little creeping dread.


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