Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Poignant Post

Amerika 911

I'm not sure when this compilation was released, but I'm thinking that likely it was '03. It's a short, but brave Ep featuring Northwest/Fresh Coast stars such as Vitamin D, Silas Blak, Kylea, H-Bomb of Sinsemilla, Castro and Specs One, on a few crew cuts; as well as as many instrumentals from Moka Only, E-Real Asim, Surge Spittable and Zachary Self. It's a gutsy little anti-war testament; as it examines the U.S. motives for engaging in war with the Middle East, and dares to point fingers in directions other than at the obvious motives (i.e. September 11th and the late (as of today) Osama Bin Laden). Just listen to Kylea's verse on the first track, "A Call To Arms" for an apt summation of this record's contents. If it had been widely distributed it probably would have caused quite a stir among all those of us blinded by pain, bigotry, patriotism and nationalism. But of course it didn't, since it was an unpopular view from an unpopular (at the time) corner of the hip hop map - and that's too bad in my opinion. It's dope on many levels, musically, lyrically, politically and consciously. Bottom line, we're all fam. Don't let any of the powers that be tell you diff'rent.


  1. Love your blog! Have you ever come across a copy of AWOL1/Jizzm's "Root of All Evil" 12" without skips and clicks all over the songs?

  2. Hey there! I actually don't have that track in any form. If it isn't too much trouble would you mind sending it to me, either here in the comments or via my email? :)

  3. here are the og and remix. they're also on youtube, but in very shitty quality to the point where you can't really make out awol's lyrics.

    og -
    rmx -

    here is the bonus, which is ripped by the same dude, but came out clearer:

    hopefully someone can share a better quality rip of these songs (or someone cleans them up) because the 12" is pretty pricey on discogs ($75 for a mint copy) jizzm has some solo cuts on the a-side and i haven't heard them, but i'm sure they're dope as well

  4. Damn, thanks man! That's really awesome of you. I'll see what I can do to clean those tracks up.

  5. no problem. if you ever do manage to get them cleaned up, please post them!

  6. also, did you ever get ahold of that imiuswi album? i noticed it's not on your requests list anymore