Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Beyond Space Presents

1937, the airship age ends.

I found this at the Goodwill a few months back: Beyond Space Presents Vol.1, from 2003. Following in the footsteps of noteworthy releases like Music For The Advancement Of Hip Hop and Ropeladder 12, this compilation presents many of the artists you'd expect to hear from that side of the hip hop avant garde. Sole, Alias, Passage, JD Walker, Adverse, and others all lend their distinctive vibe. Several instrumentalists also appear, (Telephone Jim Jesus, Odd Nosdam, Emynd, the Bomarr Monk, Ognihs) who actually provide some of my favorite tracks on the comp. As you might expect based on the talent involved, it can be a bit of a dour and cerebral listen, except for the inclusion of what caused me to shell out the duckets for this in the first place: "a lil bitch from da kuntree" from the Shape Shifters. Lifting the music and lyrics of Pink Floyd's classic "Fearless" and running with it howling and naked through the streets, Circus, Transducer and Awol do what they do (which is awesome) for almost seven minutes (even more awesome). I know I tend to go a little overboard where Circus is concerned, but he never disappoints me. The dude is insane. So when is he going to drop some new material already??


  1. Jack, you are the only one I know of who wents crazy about tracks with Circus. I like that and don't forget to Squash da Beef.

  2. Oh, it's squashed, you better believe it!