Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easty Boys and Hip Hop Kclan

While We're On The Subject...

I thought I'd wipe the digital dust off this one and stick it on up. Back around 2000 Afterlife Records made their big push to get out from under the weight of thankless cd-r peddling at shows and through online sites and go legit as an actual business. They started by releasing a couple mastered artist compilations commercially, on actual cd's with well-printed inserts and everything (the classic Declaration of an Independent and Welcome to the Afterlife). A few split twelves from those releases came out too, meant to showcase the many sides of the Afterlife sound. This 12" is one of them, featuring Hip Hop Kclan and Easty Boys. Both sides feature one track from the comps, plus an exclusive, vinyl-only track. Both exclusives are frankly a little lackluster compared to the album tracks, and the Kclan's track "Flowlife" has one of the goofiest hooks imaginable (although only the Kclan could actually make it endearing). "Don't Wanna Hear It" from the Easty Boys is a mid-tempo drum machine and synth bass number (that Afterlife sound) that allows ample space for their insane, machine-gun tongued deliveries. I can't believe this came out over a decade ago. Damn I feel old.

Easty Boys/Hip Hop Kclan

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Request... Get Ready To Rumble

Rumble Pac

Request... I honestly can't offer too much info on Rumble Pac, except that Cali Ragz AKA Mister CR was a member. I think another member of the Eastside Badstads, maybe Misfit, was a member as well. I'm not sure though. From what I can tell, they're no longer in effect as a unit. Apparently there's some name-calling involved. Sigh. The album's tight though, sounding like only an Afterlife production can. From 2002. Lend them your ears.

Ready To Rumble

Edit: Anonymous said: From what I understand, Misfit went to prison (he's doing a 40 year bid for some reason or another) at which point CR and Versatyle (CR's brother, I believe) started calling themselves the Easty Boys. They did one 12" on Afterlife (can of man/don't wanna hear it) and shortly after, Versatyle quit rapping. So Rumble pac is CR plus a bunch of other dudes.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Request...Halloween Poison Candy


As Requested... Z-Man's surly alter-ego Gingerbread Man! He and Quas need to record together. I'll let the excellent, mind rotting filth speak for itself here.

Halloween Poison Candy

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

This Is For A Time Called Think...

Heroin Hip Hop

One of the sickest 12"s I've ever had the pleasure of hearing, this is Silas Blak and King Otto's "Time Called Think" b/w "How Obnoxious" and "I Know Why" from 2000 (I think). As a lyricist and stylist, Blak is unique; a true artist unlike any other. His dark, abstract imagery is only made more vivid by his deep and off-beat delivery. Otto comes with a set of beats that are equally impressive. "Time Called Think" is haphazardly carried along by a chopped, stumbling bass loop with little else to fill the empty space; while in contrast, "How Obnoxious" utilizes a big band. Always a fan of the b-side, my personal favorite is the epic and atonal dirge "I Know Why". If ever a track was too short, it's this one.
These tracks were meant for an album that I don't think ever made it to the store shelves, and if this 12" was any indication of the quality present, it's truly a shame nothing else materialized. Silas Blak finally dropped a full-length for mass consumption in 2007. Check it here. It's as dope as you think.

Time Called Think 12

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Better Days

Conception Records Drop The Beat One Time.

I wish I had some insight to this release, but this guy has flown under my radar since I first heard this back in '98. I can't tell you where he's from, or if he's still in the game, or anything else. Not to be confused with Shaydie Third Degree from Blak Forest, this guy definitely sounds like he's East Coast, but he could easily be from Seattle. The dude's not dropping any hints either, as he name-checks Seattle, South Carolina, LA, and a few other spots along the way. I don't think he ever released anything else, but then again, maybe he did. Yep. I know nothing.
In usual Conception fashion, Mr. Supreme provides the beat for the excellent "Better Days", while Jake One handles produc duties for the flipside ("Uprising"). Third Degree definitely broadcasts his influences in his delivery (think Smif N Wessun), and Jake and Supreme cater their beats to fit. Actually, listening to Supreme's music you can tell he's a big fan of Boot Camp as well. In any case, the record is dope: This is timboot-stomping and infectious music. Once more, I beseech: If anyone out there has more info on this dude, please let me know!

Better Days/Uprising

A Great Piece On Tribal

Deven Morgan over at Swan Lake recently wrote a wonderful piece about Tribal Productions from the outsider's perspective, their impact, and the state of hip hop at the time. As his story mirrors mine to a certain degree, and as he's a hundred times more eloquent a writer than I am, I felt compelled to let y'all know about it. There are some nice videos posted, and some great images as well. Here it is.