Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Request...12 Kommandments

Feed Your Thoughts On Some Space Shit
As requested... Shamen 12, aka Atom 12, was a member of the ill San Diego crew Masters of the Universe, along with other notable talents Orko Elohim, Odessa Kane, Gonjasufi, and many others. This tape, released in 1996, is a fine example of the unique aesthetic employed by the Masters. Imagine an unholy combination of Sun Ra and Ice Cube. Shamen's lyrical style is all over the map - it runs the gamut from creative battle raps down to spoken word. There are even times on this tape that he seems to be chanting more than rapping. The beats are also on some other shit. Eerie and abstract sci-fi loops and bass-heavy drums rumble under Shamen's delivery, made even stranger due to the murky 4-track production and tape abuse. Absolutely this is strictly for the 4-track lovers out there. Guests frequent the tracks, but as I have yet to fully dip my feet in the 90's San Diego underground, I can't identify them yet.
I beseech thee, check out this wonderfully weird-ass release in the MOTU canon. And if anyone out there has any of his other releases, would you mind posting that ish up? :)

Shamen 12


  1. Hi,
    THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have been searching it for years...
    Thank you for sharing it!!!

  2. Thank you! it's great!!!!!!

    Have you got:
    "Shamen 12 - Master Piece Theatre"?????
    I've been searching it for a long time.
    Thank you for the music you share.

  3. Yes thank you! Impossible to find this album!
    So dope!

  4. I get the "West kraven - universal horror nite"
    if you're interested! (grenadyn@hotmail.fr)

  5. please do not purchase this album it is a bootleg.. sincerely if u want this get this from directly delondeville aka shamen 12
    contact me