Friday, February 18, 2011

The Disturbers

Luke, Smash, Vrse, Mega, Joe, Pilot

Sacred Hoop, Full Time Artists, and San Francisco Street Music formed like drunk pervo Voltron on Moe's Strange Hobby, the ill (in all senses) tape from '98. Recorded over the space of 3 days, this tape attributed to The Disturbers definitely has a predominant Sacred Hoop vibe to it. Vrse Murphy made all the beats for one, and the lyrics never stray far from the hedonistic nastay-ness the Hoop is known for. Megabusive, Pilot Rase and Smash Adams of FTA happily do as the Romans do, with only Joe Dubbs sounding a little out of place with his usual introspective lyrics. With all this young talent thrown together creating music in such a short amount of time, this tape comes across as a vibrant work of art for art's sake. Exuberant and fresh and inspired, you can't help but get caught up in it. Excellent work from these three over-looked crews.



  1. Hi,
    THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!! I have been searching it for years... It is very rare!!!!!Thank you for sharing it!!!
    and thanks again Jack!

  2. Never heard of it before. I will give it a listen.
    Thank you!

  3. Very welcome, anonymous! Glad you found it!
    Meeee, I think you'll enjoy it!