Monday, January 17, 2011

Operating the Generator

Adapting To The Unknown

Here is another fine mindf*ck from audio visionary Adlib, AKA Thavius Beck. With this experimental instrumental sample record, he shows us that no sound source is off limits. Stretching hip hop to its limits, and delving into ambient and noise, Operating the Generator V.2 made me think my cd player was on the fritz when I first heard it. That's quite a distinction; only Pink Floyd's first album made me think the same. Looped samples unexpectedly pause, digital distortion is utilized, and the sound of skipping cd's becomes the basis for rhythm. Here, Mr. Beck shows us that he is in effect the modern aural equivalent of Jackson Pollock: with his art, the accident is denied. I implore you to listen to this, my favorite of Adlib's early experimental projects.

Operating The Generator V.2

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