Monday, January 3, 2011

Ganjah K Request

These are apparently down over at TROY, so a request was put out to reup them here. So here's Danksta Life from '92, and tracks from either Harvest For the World, or Harvest demos.

Links removed per request


  1. Joshua Feldman / Bombay RecordzJanuary 28, 2012 at 3:57 AM

    You have been emailed RE infringement.

    1. damn ganja why you gotta be like that g man just like at blowed you never had music for anyone only your homies had the you should be happy this mother fuker right here got major love for you and was letting people world wide hear you at your best!!! i saw another site you told them to take it off your releasing all this music in better quality and extras and all that and its from january 2011??!! wtf bro its almost april 2012....damn og you the big homie and i know you since 1995 buy uh fuk i been trying to find this since i read about it in 94 with the scud missle review.....fukkk man stay up i hope you do put that shit out!!! peace

  2. Please Upload ''Danksta Life'' and ''Harvest for the World''
    I need This Shit PLEAAAAAASE !!!

    Greets from Germany, Berlin !


    Stay tuned to the facebook page for progress ;) It's moving nowww

    Josh Feldman, Bombay Recordz