Sunday, December 26, 2010

Moments Of Life

Reality Check

This EP from the band Deuce Mob dropped in 1993, and that's about all I can tell you about this release. Apart from the title track appearing on the Sounds of the Good Life tape, they've also had tracks pop up on various oldschool and lowrider comps. There is a full-length album out there attributed to Deuce Mob as well, but I'm not sure if that record is by the same group or not.
As far as the content of this EP goes, it's gangsta, but definitely occupying its own unique corner of that cosmos. The delivery of the emcees flip flops from the standard Eazy-E copycatting, to rough and ragged double time flows - sometimes even skirting ragamuffin. But the beats are what make this release really weird. Some of you might remember the wide-eyed 80's synth-pop band Sly Foxes - they had one hit, "Let's Go All the Way." Well, it's not what I'd necessarily call gangsta material, but Deuce Mob go right ahead and use it for one of their beats, to good effect. Low budget Casio keyboard tones are predominant, and the beats are cluttered and dense with Baka Boyz-worship. "Moments" is really the only track that calms down enough to give the listener a little breathing room, but I actually like the other three songs better. The emcees just seem more at home in a higher-energy environment, and it shows lyrically and stylewise.
No info on the producers or the emcees, so let the music speak for itself.

Moments of Life

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  1. yeah let me get this!!! do you have the sounds of goodlife tape there was also a pt.2 that R. Kain Blaze put out thats more rare but I've been looking for years I know R. Kain since 97 andhe was forever going to get me a copy then in like 2005-6 his apartment was robbed by a shady member of a band he was in or jamming with and he lost hundreds of tapes and demo's!! man fix this link!!! peace