Saturday, November 13, 2010

Black Panther

A Tape For the End of the World

In the month after the September 11th tragedy, I drove across the country to New York to see first-hand the aftermath. There was a palpable pressure over the city; Everyone was on edge. Each person I met had a story to tell. Everyone was connected personally to the bombings, more so than it just happening in their home town: They either new someone dead or missing, or had narrowly missed having a family member die, or had narrowly missed dying themselves. On Halloween of 2001 I stood on the roof of an apartment building in Brooklyn, looking out over to Manhattan, and listened to a friend of mine talk about his father who had worked at the World Trade Center, and had just happened to call in sick on the 11th. People were scared, angry, furtive, examining various conspiracies - the entire city was jumping at shadows. Although the World Trade disaster was over, toxic gas was still seeping out of the wreckage, and the threat of an anthrax attack was an omnipresent fear.
This tape has always been my personal soundtrack to that experience. I bought it off the street from Black Panther one night while I was there. It's 90 minutes of intense, angry hip hop; and acts as a fitting accompaniment to my memories of that time and place.

Dark Matter

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