Tuesday, November 2, 2010

206 Summer Heat

DJ Daps1 Presents: 206 Summer Heat Mixtape

Posted by Tyler Hakes on July 29, 2009 at 4:40 pm

This is a mixtape that was put out today by DJ Daps1 of all 206 (Seattle) artists. Prometheus Brown (aka Geo) of Blue Scholars inspired him by posting a “twitter mixtape” by linking his followers to twenty tracks for download. Apparently it’s real hot over in Seattle, as indicated by the number of dope tracks to come out of the region (SEE: Blue Scholars – Coo) as well as DJ Hanibal of Life Cycle tweeting they’ve hit the 102 degree mark. Scorcher!
1) Source of Labor – Emerald City (Intro)
2) Gabriel Teodros – No Label (Original)
3) E-Dawg – Drop Top feat. Filthy Rich
4) Kid Sensation – Seatown Funk
5) J. Pinder – Gotta Be
6) Specs Wizard – Green Lover
7) Ghetto Children – Slangin Cuts
8 ) Wojack – 206
9) Xperience – The People’s Anthem
10) Grynch – Summertime feat. Geologic
11) Blue Scholars – Coo
12) The Living Yard (Crispy, Gabriel Teodros, Khingz, Nam) – Summer’s Here
13) DMS – 206′in It
14) Jake One – Home feat. Vitamin D, C Note, Maine and Ish)
15) Blue Scholars – Town Talk Pt. 1 feat. The Physics and Khingz
16) DMS – Sunshine
17) Black Anger – Sip the Juice
18) Ghetto Children – Young Tender feat. Candidt
19) Jake One – No Introdeezy feat. Kutfather
20) Abyssinian Creole – Summertime
21) The Physics – I Heart Beer
22) Amos Miller – Rocco Kain
This was originally posted two summers ago during Seattle's crazy global warming heatwave, over at Abovegroundmagazine. Since the link is dead over there, I thought I'd post it up over here. Kind of strange to post it in November, since it really is a sunny weather mix, but it's still great listening no matter what time of year. From Kid Sensation to Grynch, this mix pulls from a substantial part of NW hip hop history, and includes some stuff that's damn near impossible to find (check the two Ghetto Chilldren tracks!)
206 Summer Heat Mixtape

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  1. I don't if he was meant but I can remember Omid saying "thanks to DJ Daps for selling dope records at the homies price" on Omid's 3 hour radio mix on kxlu.
    I definitely checking it out, thanks!