Thursday, October 28, 2010

Vee One and UNI is back (and Jack is, too)

Representing Themselves

Hey everyone, sorry to be off the radar for so long. Thanks for not forgetting about this blog!
I came across this rare piece of Northwest history at the used book and record store down the hill from my house. This band is in my opinion one of the best hip hop groups Seattle ever offered, and I had no idea this existed. So I flipped when I saw it there next to all the shitty used Garth Brooks tapes. Even better, it cost me all of a quarter. I'm guessing this is Vee One and UNI's demo tape, but I don't think any of these songs were on their "I Don't Kare" CD. In any case it's one fine collection of tracks, easily standing up to their full-lenth. No info on the producers, the year it dropped, or anything else. 7 tracks at 40 minutes. The sound quality is hissy and flat like any good oldschool tape. Treat you ears to this classic rareness!


  1. Hi Jack,

    it's good to have you back in game.
    I wondered where you have been and what you are up to.

    BTW this tape is great. I like the beats and the raps.


  2. Damn, nice find! Thanks once again.

  3. My coworker is U.N.I.
    I Don't Kare is nowhere to be found. ):