Friday, October 29, 2010

Ambush Nicholson

The Pitch-Coated Lungs Of GPAC

I've learned that with any Global Phlowtations release, the only thing you can expect is the unexpected. That certainly holds true with Ambush Nicholson's "Valentine (I Hate Actresses)" EP. The music ranges in style from hip hop, to Casio-pop, to harcore and even industrial, with Nicholson's howled vocals as the only constant. If Big Black had made hip hop, this is what it would have sounded like. And oddly enough, this crazy mish-mash of styles makes perfect sense. When you place Okito's soul-flavored sound next to Orko's dub-heavy d'n'b, or to Thavius Beck's deconstructionist beats, you see that GPAC has always pushed the boundaries of hip hop in all directions; and Ambush proves that he stays true to form here.
I had been looking for this EP since I first heard about it from ATAK back in '04. Over the summer an anonymous donor came through for me, making me 6 years worth of happy. So thank you thank you THANK YOU, whoever you are! All props go to you for making this available.


  1. Hi,
    first, THANK YOU THAN YOU VERY MUCH!!!!! I have been searching "Valentine EP" for years... But, I am so disappointed the link doesn't work. Me, I haven't got the luck to listen to it and today I realize that I could get it at last but the link doesn't work!
    I wish I could listen to it. Please could you fix this?
    Thank you for sharing it!!! It's so kind of you!

  2. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! I am very happy!

  3. i found it on soleseek this is saturated, fuck anyone that doesnt aprecciate real music

  4. Hey Jack Devo, glad you´re back
    If we´re on GPAC subject, anybody can help me out with a request?
    it´s Imiuswi Aborigine - Lost Angels Found
    kind of rare....even on discogs it says that 0 have this release....
    I´ve only heard a couple of songs off it and they sound dope...any help?

  5. Hey Trei!

    I'll post that up on my request list... maybe someone will come through!

  6. Yo I tried downloading Ambush Nicholson - Valentine Ep. There is one problem I clicked on the link and I didn't see the link to download this. It is empty when I click on the link. Would you please re-upload this album please?