Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Fantastic Journey Into the Unknown

Z-Trip Mix

Most excellent late-90's mixtape from the turntable wizard Z-Trip, combining east and west coast underground, some Mo'Wax sides, exclusive remixes, and a surprisingly-appropriate Talk Talk track to finish the set. It all adds up to 90 minutes of glorious hip hop as only a real mixtape can bring. What a lost art.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Request...The Afterlife

Gangsta Skrill

Sort of a companion to the Declaration of an Independent double cd, which came out at the same time, this compilation features all the Afterlifers of 2000 in one place. These two comps marked a departure from the rough, unmastered sound that typified Afterlife, and as much as I love that old aesthetic I have to admit the 'Lifers never sounded better than they did here. 10 tracks, produced by CVE with contributions from DJ Trooo and Ebow.


Ambush Nicholson

The Pitch-Coated Lungs Of GPAC

I've learned that with any Global Phlowtations release, the only thing you can expect is the unexpected. That certainly holds true with Ambush Nicholson's "Valentine (I Hate Actresses)" EP. The music ranges in style from hip hop, to Casio-pop, to harcore and even industrial, with Nicholson's howled vocals as the only constant. If Big Black had made hip hop, this is what it would have sounded like. And oddly enough, this crazy mish-mash of styles makes perfect sense. When you place Okito's soul-flavored sound next to Orko's dub-heavy d'n'b, or to Thavius Beck's deconstructionist beats, you see that GPAC has always pushed the boundaries of hip hop in all directions; and Ambush proves that he stays true to form here.
I had been looking for this EP since I first heard about it from ATAK back in '04. Over the summer an anonymous donor came through for me, making me 6 years worth of happy. So thank you thank you THANK YOU, whoever you are! All props go to you for making this available.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Vee One and UNI is back (and Jack is, too)

Representing Themselves

Hey everyone, sorry to be off the radar for so long. Thanks for not forgetting about this blog!
I came across this rare piece of Northwest history at the used book and record store down the hill from my house. This band is in my opinion one of the best hip hop groups Seattle ever offered, and I had no idea this existed. So I flipped when I saw it there next to all the shitty used Garth Brooks tapes. Even better, it cost me all of a quarter. I'm guessing this is Vee One and UNI's demo tape, but I don't think any of these songs were on their "I Don't Kare" CD. In any case it's one fine collection of tracks, easily standing up to their full-lenth. No info on the producers, the year it dropped, or anything else. 7 tracks at 40 minutes. The sound quality is hissy and flat like any good oldschool tape. Treat you ears to this classic rareness!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010