Thursday, July 1, 2010

Lost Scriptures

Tried and Tested
Austin, TX emcee/producer Tee Double released this fine EP on the classic Goodvibe imprint back in '99, and it remains one of the high points of that label's output to this day. Entirely produced by the man himself, this record placed his lyrically conscious raps with a winning combination of hard beats and seriously groovy loops - just check out the Steely Dan lick on "Tried and Tested" to get my drift.
Tee has had quite an illustrious career, as his website attests. As far as I can tell, this is his first professional release, although I'm guessing he'd been around for a while before this point. Since then, he's gone on to be part of the legendary Cali Com tour back in 04, and this year he won Austin's music awards for best hip hop.
Give a listen to this great record, then support the man by checking out his site. All of his records are available there for purchase. This is the vinyl version of Lost Scriptures, and has a different track listing than the cd. DJ Drez and Panda from Animal Pharm guest on one track.

Lost Scriptures


  1. Thank you for this one! Any chance you're sitting on Mirage - Life Is A Rhythm (L.I.A.R.) or The Kraken - Dusty Subliminal Rhymes EP??

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  3. Great upload!
    Tried & Tested is a really groovy track.
    It's a pity that Goodvibe is not active anymore...
    There were also some other fine releases...

    One thing that bugs me on Goodvibe is that they only put short instrumentals on the records. I can only remember the Medusa EP having the full instrumentals.

  4. Hey Jack,
    today I listened to the omidkxlu mix with the MC Aces and there is something that is strange to me. It's the 13th minute were I think that Kool Keith appears within the MC Aces mix rapping "The earth is gonna crushing day".
    Can it be?

  5. To Anonymous...Unfortunately I'm on the lookout for Mirage and Kraken myself! If I find either I'll post 'em up!

    To Meeee...I agree about those instrumentals. Some of the beats on Lost Scriptures are like complete songs on their own.
    I need to check out that mix. I only listened to it once, and I don't remember Kool Keith, but now I know I won't be able to sit still until I find out. I'll have to listen to that again and get back to you!

  6. Great blog here, iv got a request..
    Do you have Warrior Music by Longevity?

    Iv looked everywhere, cant even find a place to buy, Thanks

  7. @Jack Devo
    I'll keep searching the net for those as well. I actually own the fysical copies but unfortunately I don't have access to them since they are stored far, far away from me right now.

    Btw, thanks for a super dope blog!

  8. I can't find Dusty Subliminal.. but I found The Kraken - Abstract & Cognac Tape from '96. Good stuff!

  9. Hey thanks for that Kraken, Anonymous! Very cool; I'm always glad when other folks contribute to the cause. I'm excited to listen to this!